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Film: Portra 400 and CineStill 800.
Digital: XPro3
Lanterns: Portra 400Bakery: Portra 400Kan's: Portra 400Bakery: Portra 400Alley: Portra 400Wentworth Alley: Portra 400Resident: Portra 400Resident on Wentworth: Poretra 400Chinatown Laundry Service Portra 160CocaCola Laundry: Portra 400Laundry and Dried Vegetables: Portra 400IMG_4817Ross Alley: XPro3Dragon Bait: XPro3Red Lanterns: XPro3The Wok Shop: XPro3Umbrellas" XPro3Buddha Bar: XPro3